Thursday, March 24, 2011

Detection of the risk of Stroke from Teeth

Infection or inflammation of the gums commonly trigger damage tissue and bone supporting the teeth. In addition to making dental easy date, gum tissue damage triggered the spread of the bacteria involved. Edges clog blood vessels then at risk of stroke and heart disease.

Well, you regularly clean dental floss dental floss tooth alias? It turns out that the action was worthwhile to do. In fact, is believed to prevent the risk of stroke and heart disease. In addition to cleaning, dental floss helps get rid of bacteria that trigger the growth of plaque and calculus.

Various studies reveal the relationship between periodontal disease and heart disease. The results show the accumulation of microorganisms from gingivitis in arteries of patients with disorders of the heart. A pile of microorganisms and then trigger the blockage, damage the walls of the arteries.

Dailymail uncover findings Sharlin Ahmed from the Stroke Association, bacteria in the mouth of the contributing causes constriction of the blood vessel walls. It triggers a stroke.

"Bacteria in the mouth can also store fat in the arteries, which can cause blood clots and can lead to stroke," jeals Ahmed.

Hiroshima University research also revealed that has the number of teeth in less than 24 as adults, 60 percent more likely to suffer strokes.

"Losing a tooth may be associated with ischemic stroke and hemorrhage," says Yoshida Mitsuyoshi, who led the research.

The research involved 358 patients. Found stroke patients ages 50s and 60s has teeth that are on more than other disease patients in the same age group.

The results of the analysis of the four separate studies showed, that only has 24 teeth have increased risk of stroke of 57 per cent rather than 25 or more. The analysis takes into account various factors trigger stroke risk, such as smoking, obesity, and alcoholism.

Sources of Caffeine are Not Detected

Most of us probably would choose a coffee while attack sleepiness. In principle, the caffeine in coffee is indeed can make the body more energy, but should not be exaggerated. A day we should only be consumed 250 milligrams of caffeine. It's the same with 2-3 cups of coffee.
When the body gets enough caffeine intake, the ability to concentrate and stress-free will make the days we are more excited. However, the caffeine too excessive received the body, the side effects is dehydration, panic, difficulty sleeping, and disorders of the stomach.

If this start we feel, that means the body asked us to reduce the intake of caffeine. But, not just the coffee or tea that contain caffeine. There are other foods and beverages that actually have caffeine as one of the raw material. What are some of it? He is the complete list, some of which are even beyond our expectations.

Drink soda and Cola. One can of soda and Cola drinks typically contain 23-25 milligrams of caffeine. Even drink soda and Cola labeled diet though still containing caffeine with the same levels.

Chocolate. The caffeine naturally present in chocolate. So whatever processed chocolate will definitely give the effect of the stimulation. In chocolate at least there are 10 milligrams of caffeine.

Ice cream. If we add the chocolate or coffee as a flavor in ice cream, we've added caffeine in it. Average on half a bowl of ice cream with two taste there are 30-45 milligrams of caffeine. This amount is the same with a bottle of beverage cans berkola. However, in between the taste of chocolate and coffee, ice cream flavors chocolate has less caffeine, about 3 milligrams.

Pain pills. In a little, by measure of caffeine can eliminate the headaches we. But if takarannya more and more, caffeine triggers headaches. Then what to do with the pain pills?
Many pain pills makes use of caffeine as reinforcements to relieve the pain. The problems start to arise when we increasingly rely on pain pills. This pill not only makes us addicted and headaches, but also make us difficult to sleep soundly.

Energy drinks. One of the reasons why the packaging promising to drink pumping energy is in it contained caffeine. So, note the time that we choose to mengonsumsinya. We recommend that you do not drink a 5-4 hours before bedtime.

Why Earth Need To Limit Caffeine?

Women are generally the two often advised to discontinue his habit of drinking coffee. However, the actual link between pregnancy and caffeine consumption is still controversial.

The cons mentioned, the consumption of excessive amounts of caffeine can cause blood vessel narrowing mother so that the food supply to the fetus to be reduced so that the fetus at risk of having a miscarriage.

However, experts from the American Dietetic Association says the relationship causal between caffeine and pregnancy is still unclear. They mention, drink coffee less than 300 mg per day or less of the three cups still considered safe.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Drinking Water At The Time Of An Empty Stomach

In Japan now is very popular once the trend of drinking water immediately after waking up in the morning. Moreover, scientific test has proved the potency. We provide a description of the use of water to our readers below. This water therapy has been proven successful by a collection of old Japan for treatment of diseases and serious and also the modern disease. These diseases are as follows:
Headache, body aches, arthritis, heart system, fast heartbeat, epilepsy, overweight, asthmatic bronchitis, diseases of kidneys and urine, vomiting, gastric acid, diarrhea, diabetes, difficulty defecating, all diseases of the eye, the uterus, cancer, coming months smoothly, and diseases of the ear, nose and throat

1. After you wake up in the morning before the mengosok teeth, drink 4 x 160cc glasses of water
2. Rub and wipe the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes

Careful, Toast Making You Old Quick

You should consider eating bread baked crisp aka croissant at breakfast. So, a number of scientists said the bread containing chemicals that can accelerate the aging process and cause many chronic diseases.

Josephine Forbes of Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute has researched many foods, including croissants. The chemicals contained in croissant named Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs).These materials are also contained in soda and coffee.

Forbes mentions the AGEs are too much in the body can cause heart disease and diabetes. Not only that, wrinkles and pigmentation emerged indicating the process of skin aging.

Usually, food is using AGEs contain many sugars or animal fats. The food is then baked, grilled, or fried at high temperatures until crisp and golden.

Early signs of kidney failure

Signs and symptoms of kidney disease are often not specific and can be similar to many other diseases. Below the renal disease early warning alert you saw yourself as soon as possible before his condition deteriorated, reported by The Star.

Recognize the symptoms of kidney failure
The kidneys helps the body we dispose of excess water, kidney failure can cause the body to hold more water than you should. This causes swelling around the eyes and swelling in the hands and feet.

The Mystery Aliens

Talk about "who's behind UFOS" surely we will discuss what is called "alien". Alien is an alien and non human. Many questions asked about the issue of alien (UFO), for example:

  • Whence came they?
  • There are alien type of anything?
  • Whether they were good or bad?
  • Why do they often kidnap human?
  • What are their goals against humans?
  • Is there any relation of alien with human history?
  • How the prophets foretold this alien problem?
  • Are there any relationships of aliens (UFO) with prophecies about the end times?